Hello, my name is Vincent Phillips and my company is Gulf Caribbean Tours. I have been working with sport specialty travel locations over the Western Hemisphere for the last 20 years. I am truly proud and excited to bring this unique tour opportunity to you and your family. The Rio Indio Lodge is located on the southeast Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and is reached by travel through Costa Rica. The lodge sits on the waterfront of a lush 365-acre tract of private land that has a common border with the Indio Maiz Biological Reserve. The reserve is the largest untouched tropical jungle north of the Amazon and is home to the indigenous Rama Indians.

There are no roads; travel in the area is either by boat or on foot. Because of limited access, this location is truly one of the last untouched places. The Rio Indio area is one of the most naturally beautiful locations I have ever visited. The Rio Indio Lodge is one of the best managed facilities in Central America and when you consider the remoteness of its location, it is truly a remarkable operation.

  I have been traveling to this remote location for the past 20 years. In the beginning, it was to sport fish with the owner of the Rio Indio Lodge, Dr. Alfredo Lopez. At that time in the early 90’s, there was only a house boat of Dr. Lopez’s named the “Rain Goddess”. It stayed anchored in the lagoon and the lodge to be built on the hillside behind was just a dream. It is 20 years later and, guess what, dreams do come true. Today, the Rio Indio Lodge is a world class ecotourism destination and the crown jewel of the Rio Indio.

In the following pages, you will see why I feel so strongly about this wild and pristine place. I invite you, your family and friends to make plans to join one of our groups. Your trip will begin with airport pickup and transfer to a hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica, with an afternoon tour of the city. The next morning you will travel through the north central mountains by van and by boat down the Sarapiqui/San Juan Rivers to the lodge. After check-in and a gourmet lunch, you will begin your jungle adventure being toured by your Rama Indian guide through this enchanting world of the Rio Indio.   

 The lodge’s nickname is “Chandeliers in the Jungle”. The area is remote and quite beautiful. The fishing is fantastic. The Rama Indians are fascinating. The wildlife, flora and fauna of the jungle are diverse. The Rio Indio Lodge, with its comfortable accommodations and gourmet food, is a pleasure. The transfer from San Jose, C.R. through the mountains and down the jungle rivers is an adventure unto itself. I can promise you will love having made this trip for the rest of your life. In fact, you may be one of our clients who can’t help but come back and bring more friends - that happens all the time. You have just got to see “Chandeliers in the Jungle” - and oh, yeah, the jungle is pretty cool, too!