Hello, my name is Vincent Phillips.  I am Yvonne’s younger brother. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you and I know practically all of you have come to know our mother, Florence Phillips, from sales in the past. For those of you whom I haven’t met, I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and give you a bit of background.

For the last 30 years, I have spent my professional career involved in several different aspects of the outdoor industry. My first industry-related job was in the late 70’s as a corporate representative for professional bass fishing tournaments and from that point on, I was hooked. In the 80’s, I formed a television production company (Digital Media, Inc.) and produced/distributed all manner of hunting and fishing TV programming. Our location production work took my crew from the Florida Keys to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska and everywhere in between. Over the years, I developed wonderful relationships with some of the finest lodges, marinas and resorts in the country.


The houseboat Rain Goddess

In the early 90’s as a natural outgrowth of those relationships, I formed a travel company named “International Outdoor Travel, Inc.”. I spent quite a few years traveling to international locations to establish relations with select properties. I was not only looking for the best operators, but unique activities that were off the beaten path. I wanted to make sure that I offered trips that were special and intriguing to our clients.

It was during this time that I met and became very close friends with Dr. Alfredo Lopez of Costa Rica.  Dr. Lopez is a medical doctor who became involved in providing healthcare to the people of the remote southeast Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. Dr. Lopez had a houseboat built and located it at the mouth of the San Juan River on the Caribbean coast. It gave him a base of operation, and he was soon providing care for a large part of the native Rama Indians who live in the coastal jungle. Dr. Lopez is also an avid sport fisherman and the lakes, rivers and offshore waters were teeming with fish. The houseboat already had a full time staff and there were a couple of extra cabins. The majority of the area is protected and access is very limited, so only a few lucky anglers at a time were allowed to fish. It was just the type of location that I knew my clients would love. Over the years, the fishing trips were just great and many of my clients returned several times. The entire trip and experience was just that good. Dr. Lopez and I have remained the best of business associates and close friends ever since.


The Rio Indio Lodge

Dr. Lopez has always been a man of great vision and integrity. The few jobs he provided on the houseboat and guiding fishing compelled him to want do more for the people who were in his care. In general, they had so little means with which they could help themselves. To do that, it would have to be a self-supporting business that would create jobs and commerce. He had a dream of one day building a first class lodge in the area. He knew the local Rama Indians could be trained to be lodge staff and with their detailed knowledge of the local jungle, they would be the perfect guides. He first bought the land and then pursued the investment capital needed to build a world class ecotourism lodge. After 15 years, he managed to make his dream come true. He named it “The Rio Indio” after a local pristine jungle river that flows into the lagoon in front of the property.


Captain Morgan's Lagoon

During the lodge’s first years of operation, it was primarily used for corporate and private entertainment by its investors, with a few bookings from the general public during the year. Starting this year, the lodge will be open to the adventure traveler year round. I am very pleased that Dr. Lopez has offered my clients a Rio Indio package that is exclusive to my current travel company, Gulf Caribbean Tours. Working with Dr. Lopez, we custom designed the itinerary and it is being offered at a very good price. It affords our clients touring through some of the most scenic parts of Costa Rica/Nicaragua and an all-inclusive stay at the first class Rio Indio Jungle Lodge. It is undoubtedly one of the best values being offered in the Central American market today. Please take a look at the itinerary page and I feel sure you will agree. Now all you need is a week of free time and I can assure you a great adventure vacation.


Vince Phillips